The First Great Awakening

By: Nick Castanho

What was it?

The Great Awakening was a spiritual revival that happened in the first half of the 18th century. This revival happened mainly in New England. The colonists reverted their beliefs from traditional worship to a more emotional worship. This involved a overall more intimate relationship with God.

What caused it?

The Glorious Revolution of 1688 caused The Great Awakening because the Church of England was established as the reigning church of the country. This drove away other religions such as Catholicism, Judaism, etc. Everyone was essentially part of the same belief system. This made religion "boring" so a revival was needed to make it exciting again. The colonists needed to become united with God again, in their own way.

Why is it important?

The Great Awakening, in a way, contributed to the American Revolution. The revivalism of the spiritual identity sort of made colonists want to go against their motherland and their traditional values. The Great Awakening also sparked some very prominent ideas among authors and artists.


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