Nancy Henry's


   Hello, my name is Nancy Henry. I was born in Charleston, Virginia and grew up there with my sister, Elizabeth Green. I moved to Mississippi with my husband, William. We have two lovely daughters at the age of 4 and 8. When the civil started I wanted to help the Union. William took time of as a college professor and is helping me take care of the kids. My duty in the War is being a py. I was assigned by Ulysses Grant. I secretly get information from the Confederates and, in code, give information to the Union. It is then delivered to Grant. I stay at home most of the time. It is a two story house and the kids go to a good school. I never let the kids hear my work, for I'm scared they will be punished for it. We have a small farm with slaves that we pay and take good care of. We never let them get beaten and let them do as they please. If they want they are allowed to stay in our house with their family but they can live somewhere else as long as they are able to get to their job. One of our slaves, Eliza Henry, loves playing with are children and they love her. She is one of my favorite slaves and is a beautiful girl. We hope she stays with us once slaves are freed for good. Which I am working on doing now.


Nancy= I have no hornets for my pepperbox. If a confederate finds out about me spying on them….I’m a dead women. For now, all I have is a Arkansas toothpick. How about you Possum?

James Harrison= I am very fit to be tied because we do not have enough hornets and pepper boxes. Maybe, you should get more hornets and pepperbox from your possum.

Nancy=Nah.. I’ll take some from the fresh fish. They’ll skidaddle when I come around. Anyway, I hear you are going to attack the graybacks soon. You better be hard case against those buffoons.

James Harrison= Yeah, I will get some pepper boxes from a possum or the grayback’s when we defeat them. We also will take some jailbirds.

Nancy= Hunkey dorey! After that we will celebrate with some joy juice. I will also grab a root.

James Harrison= That’s great! I will also grab some goober from a goober store.

Nancy=Yeah, you guys have been through the mill. Plus, you guys are still fit as a fiddle.

James Harrison= Yeah, we been through the mill for a while. All of my possum are fit as a fiddle.

Nancy=Well I'm played out. I’m gonna hit the hay and going to get snug as a bug.

James Harrison=Me too.


Dear William,

   I know I have been away from home too long. I am traveling home as of this minute I write to you. I am on a confederate train doing my "job" as a "nurse" here. I can't tell you too much just that I miss you and our beloved daughters. The camp I stayed at was disgusting and sickening to my innocent stomach. The men there are injured badly and I was "trying" my best to "save" them as you know of what I am really here for. The men had tents that are made of sticks and blankets and a lot of them don't have shoes. I didn't eat everyday because the food ration was becoming low. I can't wait to have some of your homemade, signature stew. The grass at the camp was as green as I have ever seen, I will send you a picture below. It had a river by it and that kept me going. I was the only one who knew of the river, and secretly drank from it. It kept me going otherwise I would have run away. Even though the camp smelled like rotten feet and the officers were training the fresh fish so hard till they begged them to stop it was a beautiful site of the grass. It's not much, green grass how great, but it was the best thing in the camp that I could see. I can't wait to have a bed with pillows but I finished the job at the camp and now I'm almost home. My "boss", you know who that is, is very proud of my discoveries and will be giving me a promotion, I hope. Tell the girls I love them and will be home as soon as possible.


                       Nancy Henry

Here is a picture of the greenest grass by a river on the Confederate side. This picture was taken 2,000 miles from the Mississippi River by a photographer of the Civil War. I chose this photo because it helped Nancy fight through her hard times.  #HardTimes


This photo is of a note. When Nancy wakes up in the morning she will deliver this note to the Union about her findings in the South. She has to put it in secret code because if the Confederates find it they won't know what it says. #UnionSpy


The ending for me was that Jeremiah Sneaks into the march.               Will the brothers be able to stay together? The brothers will be able to  find each other but it will happen at the end of the war.                 Will there be punishment if he is discovered?There will be punishment if  he is discovered. The punishment is being naked and having to wear the  barrel.                                                                   Will being a soldier hold any surprises for Jeremiah? Yes, he will find  out the horrors of the war and see his best friend get killed by  a bayonet.                                                         What will the experience of battle be like? It will be scary for him but  he will fight through it with the knowing his brother is still out there  and his mother is hoping his return.   


March On By Nancy Henry(Trina Kuhlmann)

I walk by my possum

I sit at his feet

He tells me get up or I'll have to drum a beat

We walk five miles to the nearest Rebel camp

“Fight till we die” is the motto of our lives

We thank the God almighty

We thank our fighting allies

We thank the families that hide

We thank the sunrise

Oh God please let us live

For we have promised are wives

We will have freedom

We will Fight till we die

The Confederates will pay for all the mistakes

We will create a war of memories

For we will not lie

We are scared of the battle that might lay ahead

They think we are weak but that is not true

For we have each other and delicious goober peas

“Fight till we die” is the motto of our lives

We thank the God almighty

We thank our fighting allies

We thank the families that hide

We thank the sunrise

Their rifles are beaten and they are eaten

It is the perfect time to start the battle

Or we might never see another cattle

Help us oh God to freak the rebels out

We thank the God almighty

We thank our fighting allies

We thank the families that hide

We thank the sunrise


Dear sister,

      You probably know the horrible events that I am going through. The camp I stay at for the day is boring and disgusting. Many of the guys gamble on their own lice to pass time, which is very unsatisfying. For me, I hang out with the other women in the camp playing card games and knitting. We occasionally sing once in a while. How is life in you camp or wherever you are.The food is also throat closing. Every time I sell it and look at it, it makes me puke a little. I mainly eat beats and onion's. I can't stand the hardtack and the 10 to 20 worms on it, they disgust me and I can't believe people still eat it. I guess I am just spoiled from daddy always making us apple pie and french soup. If you have a chance can you ask daddy to send me his stew and  few apple pies and make sure they are sealed tight and closed for I don't want any insect or worm to get in the beautiful food. I tried to make his stew here but it didn't turn out well. I have the recipe I did to make it.

     Smashed beans

     Sliced carrots

     Chopped onions

     A cup of water

     A little cinnamon

     Four pieces of bread

     Half a cup of cheese

     One celery stick

     Two potatoes


     Some beef that is cooked(I had to deal with salt horse)


I had to go without some of the ingredients but it was nothing like daddy's though.



-Stomach aches




-Dirty water


Above are some things that have killed my dearest of friends. They have died because they had to survive in any way possible, but that just lead to death. As a spy I get clean water and food that doesn't have worms in it but my soldier friends have to eat dry foods or don't eat at all. Somebody in camp, Bill, I believe just died because a nurse didn't treat him till 3 days after he was shot in the leg! Over half of the camp is throwing up and going to the toilet every 5 minutes. My friend, Bailey, was his name died a week ago from pneumonia. Everybody acts like he didn't even exist except for me. My oh my what has the war come to...


My life back home is different. I left home smiling, ready to fight for our freedom, saying goodbye to my kids. I came back from the Confederate camps cheering that my work as a spy paid off and the black's are free but I see life different, I see home different. Don't get me wrong I am as happy as a little kid on Christmas morning to be coming home. From now on I am going to take in each moment with my family. Over the last year I have seen so many family's torn apart and never getting back together. I lifted my children up when I saw them and gave them a million kisses. I then smiled to my husband and told him in his ear that I loved him and never want him to leave me. He picks me up and runs around the house with me on his shoulder and the girls running after us. I hope my girls never fully understand the war and what I have seen with my eyes. My heart would break if children ever had to go through what us adults have seen. But I am grateful that I was not discovered and safe at home. It is good to be home but I will never forget the Civil war. I will never forget the people that have died for our country.    

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