Reseller Hosting

We put forward the finest and the superlative web servers and most economical and within your grasp prices along with the offer for round the clock support alternatives. We are reachable all day long via live chat or e-mail to aid you with any pleas that you may be having concerning our hosting service or in general. We present many ways to be able to be accessible for your service, and to resolve any of your troubles concerning our service. Whenever you need us, you will find us standing by your side at every time of need. We offer continuous uptime and also offer search engine optimized website hosting and development. Websites designed by our developers are catchy and make the customer interested within no time.

We have worked out four packages to lend a hand to you to choose any one of them or all four of them (if you need) depending on your desires. The first package that we have planned is called the basic plan or it may be said that it is the more suitable one according to the number of email addresses and other specifications that you need. The basic plan is obtainable for as low as USD 1.99 with all other advantages that the most luxurious hosting packages present, but only the number of email accounts is restricted to a number of 10 and the amount of disk space that is being presented is 500 MB. We have planned this package keeping in view the needs of the people who are not well to do, and is available for cheap price.

Should you need to get more disk space or a greater number of email accounts, we do have other packages. The second package that is next in the sequence is named the pro package which is deliberated for modest requirements and offers 2000 MB disk space and 15 e-mail accounts. The other advantages on proposal with the pro package are identical to those being presented by the other three packages. The pro package is obtainable for only USD 2.99. The third plan that is next in the series is called the advanced package which akin to its name presents more highly developed alternatives along with other services that are available with all of the other packages as well.

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