Learning to Teach
Day 21: Day 3 of Infographic

Today was students last day to work on their infographic in class. I was very glad for this for two reasons. Reason one was that I still barely had a voice and was not planning to do more talking. The second reason was that it seemed the students did really enjoy working on the project in class (what student wouldn't).

There are a few thing during this lesson that I could have improved on.

1. Making my instructions clear and concise and know what I was going to say before I said it.

2. Should of gone through out to post the link to me in class instead of just briefly touching upon it before class was over.

After talking to my host teacher later on, there were some things that she pointed out that I did not release I did, and will be planing to do so in the future.

The first was that without releasing it, I relied on tomorrows lesson on homework. The way I did this was that I said if the students did not finish the info graph in class, they needed to post the link to me by tomorrow night. Now it was just one class depending on these links, it was all my classes.

The second thing I did which plays into the first part was my lack of instruction of how to share the link with me. Even though I thought saying that you need to email it to me if you can not get it on the google doc was enough.

I already had a few students who had links up, but now I started to try and think of a possible plan c if plan a (having all the links to do the questions in class) would work. We will just have to see what tomorrow brings.

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