Aztec Civilization

The origins of the Aztec are uncertain. Sometime during the twelfth century A.D.,  they began a long migration that brought them to the Valley of Mexico. They eventually established a capital at tenochtitlan, now Mexico City. There they would rule until the Spanish conquest

How did they dress?

They wore loose clothing like somewhat a cape with  something wrapped around there waist covering there privates and when the spanish arrived in Mexico they were surprised to see them with full armor only showing there faces.

What did they eat?

They ate maize (corn), beans and squash, chillies, tomatoes, lime, cashews, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peanuts, chocolate, honey, turkey meat, eggs, dogs, ducks, deer, fish, rabbits, iguana, and shrimp, and fruits.

What kind of god did they believe in?

Most important was their sun god, Huitzilopochtli. They also used him as their god of war. They believed that their good god should be kept strong to keep away the bad gods. They kept them strong by making human sacrifices.

How did they keep track of time?

Through the period of the Roman dominance and the crusades, these people shared a commonality in religion, myth, and in the calendar they developed from a study from a study of celestial movements and their supposed effects on life on Earth.

What kind of stories did they tell?

They told the story of creation, it was birth, death and the rebirth.

How did they build?

They used lime plaster for the walls or floors, wood or soil could be use in the construction, they used straws, stone, sand, clay, adobe bricks.

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