Mrs. Vande Hei's Newsletter
January 26-30

We had an amazing time at our theater experience of "A Very Hungry Caterpillar". There were many huge eyes as we walked into the Weidner Center! We will be learning more about the author who wrote this story, Eric Carle, later this spring and doing some fun and cool projects too! The 2nd quarter has ended and with that comes conference time. I look forward to talking with all of you. The forms will be coming home next Wednesday with your assigned time slot. They are only 15 minutes long.


As we continued diving into our learning of main idea and details of nonfiction text, we had great discussions regarding polar bears, penguins, and other winter animals who right now, prefer to be hibernating. We know that these animals do not hibernate because when we compared and contrasted them in our Venn Diagram, we learned that they both LOVE cold weather! Ask your child everything that they remember about these cold weather animals.

Writing is "Oh so Fun!"

This week, we spent time thinking about all of the steps needed to build a snowman. This is an important concept for kindergarten children; recalling from the start, how to complete a task. This was practice for a future technology project we will be doing in a few weeks. Stay tuned! We also tapped into our creative side and came up with our own ice cream flavors. Read your child's crazy concoction! Some, I can't wait to try. Others...well, read your child's to see for yourself!


This week, our focus was on the number sentence. What is a number sentence? A number sentence is when you take 2 numbers and add them together and get a sum or answer. 2 + 3 = 5 is a number sentence. We had math rotation centers where the students had different learning opportunities in which to practice writing their own number sentences and finding the sums. We will continue working on this throughout the rest of the year. We also worked on making groups of 5 and counting by 5's, all along continuing to count our way to 100 and the 100th day of school which is on February 6th.

Filling Buckets

What is filling buckets all about? This week, the students learned the importance of filling each other's buckets as well as their own. How does this happen? When students are kind to one another, respectful, helpful, say nice things to someone, those are all ways that they not only fill their friends' buckets, but they are also filling their own. A bucket is a symbol for their own self esteem. Each child has his/her own bucket in the classroom just waiting to be filled by other students. Keep encouraging your child to do the right thing!

Valentine Letter

Please make sure you read the Valentine letter that was sent home this week. There is important information about how the kindergarten class does their valentines and post office. We do not have the traditional Valentine party that you all may have been used to. Those have been changed years ago. We play a school-wide Bingo Friendship game in the afternoon and then the students spend time going through all of their mail (valentines).