The life of a Thailand student

The student that I chose live in Thailand. Her name is Laddawadee Maroomdee. She is 12 years old. She live with my parents, sister, cousin and grandmother in Bangkok.

Her day before noon

My day before noon

I wake up and get ready for school. My brother in the morning drives me to school in this red truck. My first class is History.

Her day in the afternoon

Every other Wednesday, She has dance class. She help her grandmother take care of my baby cousin. On Fridays, they have physical education.

My day in the afternoon

I have lunch with my friends. Then I have three more classes, they are math, facts, and business class . Afterwards, I go home and get ready for softball practice.

We are both alike and different

We both like math a lot and we both have truck. We both sew, but we are different because she likes to dance and I like softball and she is 12 and I'm 13.

Her dad drives her to school in the truck. Her first class is math. Laddawadee likes math a lot.  Then she has recess and she talks to her friends.

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