The Gardener by S. A. Bodeen

Valerie Flores

Evolution is upgrading or transforming into something better.

A heterotroph is have to get nutrients from other organisims.

Photosythensisis use sunlight.

Autotroph are plants that make the own food.

The book is about how a company named Trodden makes people to produce their own food and they want to stop it and all the idea of it was a person named the gardener and about how mason finds this girl named Laila and they rooted her to produce her own food and it was to late for everything cause they thought maybe they could do something about it but they did it for a decade already they started doing the procedure when she was 10 years old.

The Karner blue butterfly has been seen in two places in tattoos like lailas arm and masons dads shoulder and the flowers where they put pollen are running out so the karner blue might be extinct.

The karner blue butterfly is important to the gardener because they are like identifiers to know what belongs to the company.

The reason they started this project is because of the food crisis and they wanted humans to produce their own food.

Food crisis is a problem because maybe the earth might run out of food one day.

Global warming might affect people that are rooted like that produce their own food.

Trodyn is a company where they root humans to produce food and it has very huge gates Melby falls is the city where mason lives  Portland is where Laila and mason went to escape from the people that where trying to find Laila.

I think human experimentation is when they use humans for experiments and for other things they need to test on.

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