Station 3
Goal Setting

What do you make (as a role model)?

This will be a common theme throughout the course of next year.  I look forward to the many facets that we can incorporate this theme into the daily lives of our students and families.  

Before we model it for others we have to understand how it affects our own world, so please consider reflecting on your own goals and staff initiatives.  

Reflective Questions:

1) What is your overall professional goal? If you could dream big and become exactly what you would like in this or other professions what would it be?

-What are you doing today to make it happen?

-How long will it take for you to get there?

-What steps are to be made to get you to where you want to be?

-If you are not taking any steps, why not?

2) What do you want want to accomplish for the last semester of this school year (items that are not working out, curricular area you would like to have a better understanding, better use of your time, different structure in the classroom, etc)?  

-What can you do today to make that change happen?  

3) Which one student do you need to invest more time and understanding with?  

-Where are you currently in your relationship?

-How can you choose a different path to help foster the guiding relationship you need?

4) What have you tried new this year?

-How has it worked?

-What things can you do to make it better?  (Remember to use your resources.)

5) How much are you using technology?

-Are the programs and methods purposeful?

-Are they changing the way you instruct?  

-Have you flipped lessons?

-What can you do to better use the technology you have been given?

6) Where are you in using inquiry in guiding the learning in your classroom?

7) Where are you in becoming a facilitator of learning, and less of the end-all be-all of the information for children?  

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