The Arabian Peninsula

Arabian Peninsula By: Piper Little

The Arabian Peninsula is one of the most interesting places to visit.

Ten Tips On Traveling To The Arabian Peninsula:

  • 1.Wear loose fitting clothes
  • 2.Look for Oases to stay hydrated
  • 3.Try to get a camel to haul your stuff around
  • 4.In day it is warmer and at night it gets colder
  • 5.Don't go bare footed on the sand, it will burn you (wear shoes)
  • 6.Make a map of where you want to go in the Arabian Peninsula
  • 7.Have plenty of food to be healthy
  • 8.Make a safe living arrangement in a place by an oases
  • 9.Visit with friends or family
  • 10.Have a fun trip!!!!!!!!!!!

There are different climates and the mountains run for a very long time.

They adapt by living in mud brick homes and farm on the mountains to get their food.

The Coastal Plains are large and very cold.

They adapt by the coastal plain helping the crop with water and good for traders to meet up with people.

There is always fresh water and provide plant life.

People adapt by keeping their animals hydrated and watering there crops.

The deserts are hot, dry and tons of burning hot sand.

To adapt you should wear loose fitting clothes and wet rag like items to keep their head cool and so they don't get to dehydrated.

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