Carbon fiber

Faster, stronger, lighter

Carbon fiber also known as the champion of the materials world, is five times stronger than steel and by volume almost five times lighter. It is one of the strongest and most lightweight materials available on the market.

The strands of carbon are even thinner than human hair, these can be twisted together like yarn and these yarns can be woven togheter like cloth. Carbon fiber consists of elongated carbon crystals and has the possibility to take on a permanent shape. Nowadays carbon fiber is used in many applications like sporting goods, military, aerospace, automobile industry and so on. When we take a look at the automobile industry, we see that several car components are made with the aid of steel.

The reason why?

If you compare carbon fiber with steel, you will conclude that steel is cheaper. The price of steel is less than a dollar per pound while the price of carbon fiber reaches ten dollars per pound. Carbon fiber can reduce the weight of cars by sixty percent with the result that will lead to less fuel consumption.

Even though carbon fiber weighs less than steel, it is so strong that the material used to strengthen airplanes and buildings.

In the video below you can see how long carbon fiber can last when emerging forces try to break it!

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