Little Turtle

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts Class by Ian K.

People who Influenced Little Turtle

Little Turtle was guided by some of the Miami's war chiefs such as Chief LeGris, and Chief Bluejacket. Little Turtle also adopted a white settlers son as his own and named him Apakonit, which means "wild carrot" in the Miami's language.

Birth and Death

Little Turtle was born in July of 1752 and he died at the age of 61 on July 14, 1812. He was born in Whitney County, Indiana.

Little Turtle was the son of a Miami Indian chief. Little Turtle grew up hunting in Kentucky and fishing along the Mississippi River, he also would help the warriors attack encroaching settlers homes. His father was an experienced war chief and hoped his son would turn out the same way. He was not disappointed, as little turtle quickly rose through the ranks and became a war chief.

Accomplishments and Facts

Little Turtle defeated three american armies. These three armies were led by General Harmar, General St. Clair, and General LaBalme. Little Turtle also, became a highly respected Miami Indian Chief.

Events in History

During Little Turtles life the American Revolution was taking place.  Also the Louisiana Purchase occurred, which led to Lewis and Clark's exploration of the western half of North America.

The Theme of Little Turtles Life

Little Turtle's life was full of many extremely difficult, if not impossible tasks, such as defending his home land from the white man. Which is why I chose overcoming an    insurmountable obstacle as the theme of Little Turtles life.

Words of Advice

"Try to read the enemy's mind." - Little Turtle

"It is not wise to fight" - Little Turtle

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