Teamwork...or not?

The Handcuff Puzzle

Each person puts on a complete set of handcuffs. Before putting them on, they loop their handcuffs around each other so they are tied together. Each person should wear a complete set of handcuffs. They then have to get themselves apart while following these rules:

-The handcuffs cannot be removed.

-Do not break, cut, saw through, bite through or in any other way damage the rope. Damaging each other is probably a bad idea too.

-You must be able to show your solution.

The Paper Tower

Each person is given a single sheet of paper. It’s absolutely necessary that each person construct the tallest free-standing structure in just five minutes using no other materials.

After the five minutes:

-Who planned out their structure?

-Who ran out of time?

-What could be done differently next time?

The Take Away Game

Divide your table into two teams. Flip the coin to see who goes first. First player calls the next coin flip, heads or tails. Other team flips it. If they are correct, the team gets to remove 1 piece from the game and you get another turn. Incorrect, it is the other team's turn. If you are incorrect 3 times in a row, all of your pieces must go back in the center. The game is over when all of the pieces in the center are gone. The winner is the team with the most pieces at the end of the game.