By:Halle Kusterman and Maddie Dorsey

- Dionysus was the god of fertility, theatre, ecstasy and wine.

-  Invented wine and spread the art of tending grapes.

- Dionysus has a dual nature , he can bring joy and divine ecstasy but on the other hand he can bring brutal rage to this world.

-  If he chooses Dionysus can drive a mad man

- Son of Zues and Semele

- Only God to have a mortal parent

- He is represented as the protector of those who do not belong to conventional society and therefore symbolizes everything which is chaotic, dangerous and unexpected which can only be attributed to the unforeseeable action of the gods.

- One of his symbols was the thyrsos which was a magical staff or wand entwined with vine leaves with a pinecone on the top. The staff, or wand, could turn a rock into water and the water into wine

- He taught men how to plant and tend the grapevine, press the juice and make it into wine.

- He saved pirates from drowning by changing them into dolphins.

- He was one of the very few that was able to bring a dead person back from the underworld.

- Dionysus symbols are grapes, wine cups, wine skins and the thyrsos

- Dionysus often turned himself into a bull and he is sometimes called the bull-horned God.

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