In a world where llamas roamed free everyone was happy. But only one llama wasn't happy with it, his name was Kaiden The Llama and everybody hated him. He always started llama fights and llama fires, he was a very bad llama. Kasey on the other hand was a happy llama, she loved to pick roses- with her mouth- in the flower field. Everyone loved Kasey.

One day Kaiden was so mad that everyone liked Kasey more that he decided to 'get rid' of Kasey. That day he realized that he couldn't do this on his own so he gathered a llama army to help him with his mission. There where five lamas in his army; Jake ( from state farm), David ( from some random apple store), Tiffany ( from the mall), Aaron ( from a street corner by main st.), and Amy The Pickle ( from a Pickle farm).

Kaiden gathered his soldiers that day and began to train them for the mighty war. But little did he know, Amy The Pickle wasn't on his side. She warned Kasey about Kaiden before Kaiden could say Apleguywithapurplebananahelmentonsixthstreetwhohasabigbrownhatthathisgrandmothergavehimonchristmas.

To be continued.....

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