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by Alexandra Knol

On this tackkboard I have outlined 5 great educational apps that will assist learning and information exchange. I have given a brief summary of the app followed by a grade I think the app will be most useful to and a specific example of how it can be used as a educational tool. Khan academy, Fotopedia, Edmodo, MyScript and Evernote are all free apps that can be used for educational advancement.

Khan Academy

Khan academy is an extensive source of information that allows one to learn information pertaining to a wide range of topics. With over 4,200 videos that cover a range of K-12 topics including math, science (biology, chemistry, and physics) and humanities this app can be used by almost anybody. You can track your progress and download videos of a specific or general nature. With a specific or general topic search information is easy to find.

A specific example of this extremely versatile app would be a student who is interested in a particular topic in class, say the solar system. They would like to know more information than what the teacher is providing and so they go on this app to search the solar system category and are immersed in a wealth of information pertaining to their subject of choice.

Follow this website to sign in and learn more about the Khan Academy app.

Fotopedia Wild Friends

This app allows you to see nature as you have never seen it before. By providing fantastic photographs of wildlife it allows the app user to experience nature in a whole new way. The app is filled with documented animal encounters across all continents and allows one to follow the step of the world’s greatest natural photographers and share in their discoveries. It provides information, links, maps and videos on the features animals.

This would be a wonderful app for any science class. I can see this being particularly useful for upper elementary. In animal or ecosystem studies I see this app as providing additional information and visual aids to augment learning. The pictures would engage studies and spark imagination. Too often in the classroom we hear and read information. This would allow students to see for themselves the wonderful diversity of the animal world. Possible assignments could involve an in depth study or presentation of a animal featured on this app.


Edmodo is a learning management system that provides a safe and convenient means for teacher student interaction. This app is a quick and simply way to access the information and tools provided in edmodo. It can be used for class discussion, assignment posting, grade updates, file sharing, announcements, quizzes and much more.

Students who have the app with a teacher who interacts frequently with edmodo can access the information anywhere. In high school particularly I can see this app being used to benefit information exchange. For example teachers can send an alert reminding students of an upcoming test, the student is notified via the app which is installed on their smart phone. This encourages students responsibility and should minimize the excuse of not knowing something was dues.

This is a sample page on edmodo

My Script

Myscript mathpad is an awesome app that allows you to handwrite equations or mathematical expressions on your screen and then convert it to digital form. You then have a precise copy that can be shared easily or added to your notes. You are able to easily correct the equation and a wide range of symbols are available for use.

This would be helpful in almost any grade level math or science class. Because many students take notes on technological devices integrating equations can be tricky. This app would allow students to easily integrate equations demonstrated in class without the time consuming process of finding the symbols on their own. By writing with your finger one is able to quickly convert what is demonstrated into a digital equivalent.

This shows how you how the app allows you convert written text to typing.


The user friendly app helps one to record information in an organized manner. You are able to augment your notes with photos and voice clips and then make these notes easily searchable. You can also sync the notes to any device making your desired information widely accessible. The notes can be easily edited and shared via multiple social networking devices. One can add their own style and organizational method (folders, tags) to customize their evernotes.

This would be very helpful for older students (junior and senior high school). In a biology lecture class for example a student would be able to record what the teacher is speaking as well as add pictures of a whiteboard or diagram straight into the desired place in their notes.

The following video gives a basic overview of how evernote can be used from an educational standpoint.

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