Ben drowned

Their was a man that looked old and had an old game garage sale. The other man walked up to him and said "what kind of things do you have?" The old man looked up at the other man talking to him he said "I have a free game... here take this..." As the other man took the game cartridge he brought it home and checked around it to see if something was on it so it wont overload his game cube console. when he checked the back it said in black words " MAJORA" The game was specifically called "Majoras mask"  the picture under this caption i'm writing right now shows the game play of it. The man thought it was suspicious why the garage sale man said it was for free and their was a profile that was already made that said "BEN" he played it and went to teriminal field. When he went went their he saw the skull kid was next to the happy mask salesman. He noticed it was unsusual why the skull kid was their with him. When he played the song of unhealing he got shcoked and saw his dead statue self and hesitated. The game said..."You shouldn't have done that Ben..." As the man turned off the console he gave the game back and had nightmares. And that was the creepy pasta that is true.