Byzantines Crusades

Mr. Burruel History Class

What does Jerusalem signify to the Byzantines

Jerusalem came to signify the city as a whole and to represent the biblical Land of Israel.

Why was Jerusalem important to the Byzantines?

By the time of the crusades in the later 11th century the byzantium was no longer the power as it was. A new power began to upset the balance of power in the East. A turkish nomadic people called, the seljuks, migrated from central steppes. They adopted Islam as early as the 10th century and rapidly absorbed Islamic culture. In the 11th century, groups advanced westward and overran the eastern states of the Arab Caliphate.  Baghad fell to them in 1055 although they maintained the abssid caliph as merely a symbolic power. Around 1070, led by Alp Arlsan, they conquered Syria and Jerusalem.

The effects on the  crusade on the Byzantines.

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