Online Safty

By: Keagan Sutton

1. Don't Meet People In Person You Meet Online.

Meeting someone from online in person can be very dangerous. If someone is asking to meet you tall an adult. If you do go then don't go alone.

2. Don't Post Things You Will Regret.

If you post any thing you will regret think before you post.

3. Watch For Cyber Bullies.

If you are being bullied online tell an adult immediately. BE Safe Respectful and Be Kind.

4.  Don't Give Your Personal Info To Any body.

Don't give you password or any other info to anybody even your friends. They can turn it against you.

5. When On Social Networking Sites Don't Use Your Real Name.

Don't Use your name or gender or anything that describes you. Make it safe and private and don't use the same name for every site.

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