The Aztecs cities looked like this

The Aztec

Sometime between the twelfth century A.D the Aztecs began a long migration that brought them to the Valley of Mexico. They eventually established at a capital in Tenochitilan. Aztec constructed temples, other public buildings as well as houses. They also built roadways of stone across Lake Texcoco to the north, south, and west linking the island to the mainland.

This is how the Aztecs would dress, their clothes would be made out of cotton, Ayate fiber also made out of the Maguey Cactus. Women would weave the fibers into the clothing.

The Aztecs would eat Maize, Maize would grow in a very hard conditions and in diffrent climates, it also came in diffrent colors.

The Aztecs warriors would look like this, they look alike the only thing that is diffrent would be the color of their clothing and who they are.

The Aztec people believed in  Tollan,which is their heaven. He was known as the Fifth Sun.

The Aztecs would got their food by farming corn,beans,squash,avocados,peppers,tomatoes and also sunflowers.

The Aztecs would keep time by the Aztec Calendar Stone. The Aztecs would use three calendars that were probably developed by the earliest of the Mesoamerican people.

The Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan in 1847, Aztects reported that they sacrificed 84,400 prisoners. This

In the Aztec empire instead of demolishing an old temple and build a new one at the site they would simply build over the old structure. That is how the Aztecs would build.

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