Hannah Simon 4th hour Industrial rrevolution

Steam Engine Was used in the later years of the Industrial revolution.

The industrial revolution was a time where inventions were a big thing. For example there were more than 10 inventions in the time period when the industrial revolution began and stopped.  The industrial revolution brought upon many new great things like the steam engine. Many years went by when mills and factories had to be directly by a river because they used water power with those water wheels. That was until steam engines like the one in my picture shows it lets the machines run on steam instead of water which created bigger opportunity to have more factories because they could be anywhere and didn't have to be by a river. There were many other inventions such as the vote recorder which helped count votes obviously. It helped make more exact numbers when tallying presidential votes. Another invention was the telegraph which helped with communication because it allowed you to communicate with others along a wire. There are many more inventions but i will only name 2 more. One is the electric pen invented in 1876 which allowed people to use this pen by just plugging it in and using this to write instead of just having to carry ink and a feather tip with you to write. And the last one is the  Phonograph it allowed people to listen to there music in there own homes Thomas Edison said " I want a phonograph in every American Home. The industrial revolution is a time of many inventions.

This is the the phonograph used to listen music. Invented by Thomas Edisen

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