John with eyes that sparkle like the stars,

John of the short black afro,

John whose height is the talk of the school,

Is the the most coolest nicest person,

Runs the fastest in the whole school,

Eats only fast food,

Reads the slowest in whole school,

Jumps the highest in track,

Lives across from the grumpy old man.

John sleeps the longest in his house,

Wears the coolest clothes,

Stares at every girl he likes,

He is not brave enough to say to say anything to them.

John inside his white and black hoodie,

Inside his eyes must be filled with joy,

Inside his mind must have no chose

Is a boy with joy and has chose to say what he feels.

Grows every time you see him,

Collects anything that looks cool,

Sleeps only in a cold averment,

Tall as a gingko tree,

Dreams big and lives his dreams.

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