Ancient Egypt

Madison FRapaul

The climate in Ancient Egypt is very hot considering its surroundings. The Nile River, the deserts, mountains, and the flat lands covered in sand or grass, and soil. Without the Nile River Egypt would just be a desert, but since the Nile overflows every Spring giving fresh, fertile soil, others get created. The Nile River is the most important part in Ancient Egypt and its geography.

stable Food Supply

food of ancient egypt

In ancient Egypt the main food supply source is the Nile River. Every spring it snowed in Egypt, and when it melted it turned to water and overflowed the Nile. Since it flooded it poured over which left black, rich fertile soil for the farmers. this was known as the gift of the Nile. The Egyptians also ate foods such as bread and cereal made from wheat and barley. Peas, lentils, onions, garlic, dates, and figs. Along with ducks, geese, quails, and more.

social structure

Above is the social pyramid. it shows the political rankings of the people in Ancient Egypt. At the top of the pyramid places the priest/pharaoh. The priest oversees all religious ceremonies, and temple priests were in charge of the temples. One step lower on the pyramid places the government officials/Vizers, who were the main part of government. Below that is the scribes. the job of a scribe is to write down information and results. Also, some scribes collected taxes, and military scribes kept track of the army soldiers. Second to least is the Artisans, or craftsmen. These men work for 10 days straight until they get their break. They work in pairs and eat off of the leftover crops harvested. If their was very little crops left at the time, then they ate very little. If their was a lot left over, then they'd be eating pretty big, but nowhere near as big as any other categorys' on the pyramid.


A main part of the religious system is the gods of ancient egypt. For example, the ancient gods Anubis, Osiris, Horus, and Ra. Anubis is shown as a wild dog, and is known as the god of funerals and death. He is often painted on the walls of tombs as he as thought of as to protect the dead. Also he impaled Osiris. Osiris was shown as a human. He was killed by his brothee seth who was jelious and wanted to be King, but his wife Iris found him and brought him back to life. He was known as the God of the underworld, and all the pharaohs were thought to be Osiris' when they died. Horus is shown as a falcon. He was known as the Sky God and the son of Osiris and Isis. Horus lost his eye fighting Seth after he killed his father {Osiris}. He was believed to give power to each pharaoh. Lastly is Ra. Shown as a falcon with a sun on his head, he was known of as the God of Creation. Also he was thought of as to created the world. The rising sun symbolizes creation.

System of government

The Egyptians had pharaohs that they lived under the rules of. Khufu was best known for constructing pyramids. Also, he was a very harsh ruler. Pharaoh Senusret was a very strong leader who ruled a very stable Egypt. Hatshesput was the first girl pharaoh. She was known for encouraging trade. Rameses II is the most known for pharaoh. He's most known for building monuments. All pharaohs over time formed the very strong government of ancient Egypt.

The Arts

One of the many beautiful works of art in Ancient Egypt is the sphinx. The Great Sphinx is to guard temples and tombs. It is 241 feet long, 20 feet wide, and 66 feet high. That's amazing! Also part of his beard is in the British Museum in London. Another work of art is the Pyramids. They are where the pharaohs and their queens are buried. There's about 80 pyramids well known today from Ancient Egypt.

Advances in Technology

There's many technological advancements in Ancient Egypt so ill only name a few. One of the many advancements include shipbuilding. Considering the fact that the Nile River was such an important part of their lives, they needed ships to get across. They built these ships from ceder wood. Another advancement was the medicine. With all the sicknesses they needed something to help. For example they used honey and human brains to cure eye infections, and whole mice to cure coughs. Also they made toothpaste because all the food they ate {grain,wheat} would get stuck in their teeth. They made their toothpaste out of ashes, eggshells, and ground up ox hooves. Lastly their mathematic system was a little different then ours. They only counted using 1, 10, 100, 1,100 and so on. So if u wanted to say 4, you would do 1 1 1 1. If u wanted to do 42, you would do 10 10 10 10 1 1. Its actually pretty easy.

Written Language

The language of the hieroglyphs was developed over 5000 years ago around 3000 B.C.E. They used parts of objects, animals, and people for their letters. In hieroglyphs their are NO vowels. It can be written up to down. down to up. left to right, and right to left. The way to know if its read from left and right is because the animals or objects will be facing left. If they are facing right, then u read the sentance from right to left.

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