Big Nate

Lives It Up

The author of this book also shown in the image above is Lincoln Peirce.

The main characters in this book is Nate and Breckenridge. Nate is in school the whole time during the book.

In the beginning The principal asks nate if he can be buddies with breckenridge, when they meet nate has a feeling that he has met him before. Later on nate realizes that he was the guy who bullied him when they were in kindergarden. At the end Breckenridge helps the school by finding a rare moral that costs a lot of  money.

Lincoln Peirce is the author of all the big nate series.  He is a cartoonist\writer.  Lincoln lives with his wive and  two children in Portland, Maine.

I renember back in first grade when  I used to get bullied just like Nate in Kinder.

Nate's character traits: friendly, funny and respectful. The image below is Nate.

I liked the book because it was funny. It was not confusing. It was easy to read. It was not predictable. I really did like the ending. My favorite part is when they win the scavenger hunt.I recommend this book to whoever likes to read.

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