My Exploration to North America

By: Brianna DeCola for Mrs. Hershburger

I'm coming from Spain, where I was born, to go get permission from king Henry VIII in England. If I get permission, then I want to leave in 1537. It's 1536 now.

I am going to the king to ask to set out to the golden cities. I will persuade him by telling him that he will get some of the gold to.

Hello you majesty. I would like to go to the cities of gold but I will need some money. I will give you some of the gold I get and bring it to you.

It's 1537 and he said yes. Now I'm going on my voyage to the golden cities, but in return he wants some of the gold I bring back.

This trip might be hard though because New Foundland also wants to go to the cities of gold. They are going to try and steal the gold we want.

If there's conflict between us and the others, then we will try to settle it nicely by telling them that we are told to get gold for the king and I. If that doesn't work there might be some physical contact between us.

Also, we might come across diseases, sickness, and many more gross things that can hurt your body.

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