Year 9 Full Time & Fast Track

An Unusual Tour of London!

In pairs, answer these questions...

What do you think the people in the picture are doing?

Why do you think they might be travelling in this way?

Watch the video and check your answers on the Padlet wall.  Add any new ideas or information,.


Read the newspaper article below.

Look for the following information...

  1. The type of transport
  2. The price of tour
  3. The driver's name
  4. What the driver was wearing
  5. The speed they travelled at
  6. The only person who didn't smile

Add your answers.

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Leyang          Mitsuyo          Panatda          Susumu          Yu-Na

Plot where these events happen on the map.

  1. They were stopped by a policeman.
  2. They had more photos taken.
  3. They travelled at a speed of 40mph.
  4. They set off.
  5. They had their photo taken for the first time.

Vocabulary Check

Travel Nouns

Write a definition of these nouns in the Googledoc.

  • journey   trip   travel   vacation   expedition   excursion   adventure   trek

Decide whether they are countable or uncountable.

Complete the Googledoc.

Answer the questions in your own document.

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