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Teenagers with Mental health problems in the 1950’s were not recognised as being problems in society. Often people would just ignore that teenagers had mental health issues and would just tell them to go and live life like everyone else and they didn’t understand what it was like to be live with these problems. In the 1950’s not much was really known about mental health so not much could be done to help people with mental health issues. In the catcher in the rye Holden Caulfield suffers from varies mental health issues. In the book Holden say’s that he often gets depressed and things like him being nervous is signs that he has anxiety.” started turning the cold water on and off--this nervous habit I have”, “I was feeling so damn depressed and lonesome.”

In the 1950’s there were no real techniques to help cure people with mental health issues. Mental health patience were subject to thing like electric convulsion treatment. As a result of this people wouldn’t admit that they had problems because there was no logical way of curing them.

In the novel there isn’t much mention of mental health directly but it does suggest that Holden does suffer from these problems. “I was getting depressed as hell again.” There are many quotes of this throughout the novel. J.D. Salinger challenges the cultural assumption of mental health because there were many people who suffered from these mental health issues but weren’t diagnosed so they couldn’t get any help. Holden’s issues with anxiety and depression stem from the lack of attention he has from his parents. He has always been shipped off to another boarding school when he gets kicked out and never really gets the attention that he wants from his parents and as a result he has developed anxiety and depression and Holden tries try’s to get others attention by doing the wrong thing. Holden is also reluctant of going home because of the reaction he knows he will get from his parents for getting kicked out of another school and the thought of him moving once again to a different location away from home.

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2 years ago

I like that you explained your point quite well in this blog, although still quite short, could have used a few more examples of quotes from the protagonist to explain his depression, but in all, a good blog.