First Battle of Bull Run

Emma Fritz

On July 18 of 1861

The Battle of the Bull Run also known as the (Battle of Manassas) was the first major battle of the Civil war. The North hopes of winning the battle war faded quickly once they saw the Confederate Army.


Lincoln ordered General Irvin McDowell to lead his 35,000 man army to seize Manassas (Confederate Capital.)

22,000 Confederates were waiting for the Union at the creek called Bull Run. For two days the Union tried to go around the Confederates.

The Union tried to push the Confederate lines back, but Thomas Jackson stood there like a stone wall and thats how he got his nickname (Stoneall Jackson)

Eye witness said, "There is smoke, dust, wild talking, shouting; hissing, howlings, explosions. It is a new, strange, unanticipated experience to the soldiers of both armies, far different from what they thought it would be."        -Charles Coffin , quoted in Voices of the Civil War by Richard Wheeler

They fought through out the day and finally the Union soldiers gave up. It was chaos, the Confederates lacked the strength to push north and take over Washington. The Confederates victory shattered the Norths hopes of winning the war quickly.

Confederates Won

Second Battle of Bull Run

Lincoln was so frustrated that he assigned a new General George B. McCellan  

Lincoln asked Robert E. Lee to lead the Union Army but Lee declined and resigned from the U.S. Army and became a General in the Confederate Army.

Jackson wanted to  defeat Pope's army (another General for the Union) before they could meet up with McCellan's larger army of the Potomac

On the second day, Pope found Jackson's troops along an unfinished railroad grade so he attacked them but failed because they pushed back

On the third day, the Confederates crushed the Union Army's assault and forced it to retreat in defeat. The Confederates had won a major victory, General Robert E. Lee decided it was time to take the war to North

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