Netherhall House

More than a Place to Stay

Netherhall House is a university accommodation in London! It is a more than a place just to stay. Here they provide their students all the possible comforts one can have. They have been providing their accommodation services since 1952 and for more than 60 years. With excellent facilities we support your pursuit of academic excellence and all-round development, within an international community of university students, teachers and researchers.

Company Overview:

Netherhall Houseis a residential hall for students in London. These halls are great comfort and provide students to have access to a spacious library, internet and email service. Netherhall House provides a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, helpful for study. A number of seminars and courses are organised throughout the year at and from Netherhall House. You can always visit the facilities and services provided by Netherhall House through their website or you can contact them at +44 (0) 20 7435 8888.

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Netherhall House

Nutley Terrace,



Phone No: +44 (0) 20 7435 8888

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