The cleanest beaches in Goa

Goa, I am not even sure what is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the name of this place. Is it the beaches, the shacks, cheap alcohol, rented bikes or Sunburn? The place is the party capital of India or arguably of the world. Goa has been tempting party people not only from India but from the entire globe. However, one thing that you can’t take away from Goa is the aspect that made it such a hotspot at the first place i.e The Beaches. Goa has a plethora of beautiful beaches spread across the state. Here we are enlightening with some of the best beaches in Goa.


The long and astonishing beach was one of the unexplored and untouched gems of Goa until the last 15 years. With time it caught traction and attention from vagabonds and backpackers who was in the quest to explore something new. Now, the entire complexion of the beach has changed with swarms of holidayers gate-crashing year after year. What makes Palolem special is its low-key reputation. The place is away from the hustle bustle and only plays host to late night beach bar and ‘silent party’. We suggest, you visit Palolem if you are looking for a good place to lay up, rest in silence and take a short swim. The beach also offers a numerable range of yoga, massages and therapies.

Patnem Beach

Very similar to Palolem , Patnem to the north of Palolem is an extremely handy alternative. The place comes with repose beach shacks and highly lively waves. The beach is welcoming at days for swimmers and a nightmare on other days. The main beach towards the road is occupied by small stalls which offer you variety of clothes and Kashmiri jewellery and trinkets.

These two beaches are considered as the cleanest beaches in the entire state of Goa, so when you plan on buying your next Goa Tourism package, make sure you book a package that has its residence close to these beaches.

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