New Additions to your Shared Folders
*Technology Enrichment: Nov 12/13, 2014*

You have some new additions
to your Edmodo Shared Folders:

1. Edmodo POWTOONS - this is a fun program!  Each of you already has an account.  You'll need to open the file "Powtoon Login Instructions" to get your class code and login info. (DON'T ASK The Wizard(s) for help.  READ READ READ. ;)

2. Edmodo Comic Creators - Self-explanatory, but please share your creations with The Wizard(s)!

3. Edmodo Online Drawing Tools - Again, pretty self-explanatory, but share your creations with us!

4. Edmodo TACKK - don't forget this folder - feel free to create a TACKK today, but share it with us!

Also...check out your Edmodo Apps
(that's right, Edmodo Apps!)

If you click on the Edmodo Apps Launcher (on the right Edmodo sidebar...looks like four little squares), you'll see several great apps you're welcome to explore.  May we recommend:

*Blendspace - I think of this a little bit like on online quilt, with each square containing something different.  
*Pixton Comic Maker - Share your comics with us, please!
*Beginners HTML - if you want to dip your toe into the programming pool, try this!
*CodeMonkey - I'd HIGHLY recommend that you take a look at this one, especially those of you who expressed interest in learning how to create video games.
*Dabble - The Fast Thinking Word Game - Word Nerds of the world (myself included) will love this!
*Digit Whiz - for math folks... :)