This Is Me

Hi, I am Jade and I am 11 years old. This is my 4th year at PALCS. I am a bandolero driver and I play soccer.  I love animals I currently have 9 cats and a dog. I am very tomboyish and don't like dressing up that much any more.

Activities I Enjoy

These are the activities I like to do. I like racing and I have been racing for a year now. The last picture is my two division wins from Kentucky Speedway. I grew up dancing and playing a lot of sports. Now I am racing with my brother. I learned so much from my brother. I also was able to race with him on the track for a feature when it was just me and him. I race at Lake Erie Speedway (aka) LES, and Kentucky Speedway. I have learned so much from my brother and our crew chief Chris. My brother is my role model and so is Danica Patrick. Below I what he car and trailer look like. My dream is to make it to Nationwide When I get older, Nationwide is almost like NASCAR only NASCAR is more popular and is a bigger racing series, but it is also a cup series.

My Hobbies

My hobbies are wrestling with my brother who is also my racing teammate. We love wrestling together and racing together. In fairness he started it and I finished it. But he is the only sibling out of 4 of us that I get along with the most. We are only two years apart and we have our differences but we are the closest. Now If he can get a practice ahead of me he helps me out of my car and I help him. Him and our crew chief taught me how to change tires and work on the cars but I have much more to learn.

Where I li

I grew up in a medium sized town. Corry,PA

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