Digital Literacy

Week #03 & 04: Digital Citizenship

Topic Overview

Welcome to Weeks #03 & 04 of Digital Literacy.  The focus of the next two weeks is to learn the importance of being a good digital citizen. While the Research & Information Literacy topic of this course was heavy on independent assignments & guided notes, this particular unit relies heavily on media as a teaching tool and discussion forums as an outlet to extend learning. At large, the objective for this topic is to learn human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical behavior. Furthermore, Weeks #03 & 04 will require that you continue your weekly/ongoing assignment responsibilities, so be sure to read all about them below.

Topic Assignments

Complete the learning activities listed beneath each of the following Essential Questions on Moodle:

  • EQ: How is Digital Etiquette defined and what important issues is it comprised of?
  • EQ: What are some different forms of Digital Communication and what are some important tips and good points regarding Digital Communication?
  • EQ: How is Digital Law defined and what are some of the legalities that relate to Digital Property & Copyright?

Weekly/Ongoing Assignments

  • Google+ Hangouts - Since this course virtual and not face-to-face, the only "class meetings" that will take place will be in the form of video conferencing, via Google+ Hangouts.  This week's Hangout will take place on Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 at 1:35 pm.  Google+ Hangouts are limited to 10 attendees, so live attendance will be predetermined at random.  If you are not one of the 10 attendees, you are still required to watch the live stream or the recorded session at your own leisure. Details for this Google+ Hangout will arrive in a separate e-mail.
  • This Week in Tech | TWiT.TV - Each week, you are required to watch (or listen to) a TWiT.TV broadcast and complete a SAOQ response for one segment of the show that you chose.  I am asking that you watch the entire show that you select, but the SAOQ only needs to cover one segment of the show, as opposed to the entire show. You may choose any of the shows that are listed on this page, with the exception of "NSFW".  Details for this ongoing assignment can be found on Moodle.

Contact Me

  • E-Mail - For questions that can be answered briefly, you may send me an e-mail.  In some cases I may request that you schedule to meet with me in person, as there may be no "easy" answer.  In other cases, I may ask that you post your question in a forum instead, so that your classmates can also benefit from knowing the information that you requested.
  • Face-to-Face - Since this is online/virtual course, all face-to-face meetings will be by appointment only.  To schedule a meeting with me, please do so through YouCanBook.Me.  No appointments can be scheduled sooner than SIX hours in advance and you MAY NOT cancel an appointment sooner than ONE hour to our agreed meeting time.


PLEASE NOTE: If you see this icon next to an assignment title on the course outline, you must make arrangements to complete this activity Face-to-Face. Please use YouCanBook.Me to schedule Face-to-Face time with me.