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Susan Eloise Hilton

A family Affair

This woman was really talented on writing stories since she was born. This helped her a lot on her career. The first novel she wrote was in purpose of helping her father and family, that were in bad economical conditions. Her first book, "The Outsiders", was released in 1967. From then on, she wrote books till 1995, with her final two books for children.

"The Outsiders" was a great success. It was for teenagers about teenagers. A story situated on a social group called the Greasers (contemporary) and the life in the position that adults never understand anything.

Susan E. Hilton

Living in the countryside, a group of friends is having trouble with some guys that think they are rough enough to handle anything that came into their way. Some day they have gone too far. To the problem of burning a shed, and for consequence, a teenager got burnt down in flames.

Here is when family and brothership, union, comes alive. To support every cry of those guys that today feel guilty of arson.

It seems that all this conflict is based on a pretty woman's love, (as usual). But finally, conversation means more than fight. And this is important for the ending of this story of rivalry.

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