Movie Magic with Ian Renner of New York

For the last 25 years Ian Renner New York has been designing sets in the film and television industries. He has focused the majority of that time working on independent films which are some of the most challenging and interesting projects to be in this industry. Part of the allure of being a designer in this role is the ability to portray a lot of special elements to the finished product. While many people aspire to be an actor themselves, it is an interesting fact that a set designer can set their presence in a way that few can really realize. Every set designer has the task of composing the body of filming and character settings in such a way that tells the story. Those that do the job well implement every aspect possible into the production of the set. There are many elements that can affect this from a project perspective. Timing is certainly one of those things, budget is another and the script tells the story of how the set should look in each of the scenes. Another aspect is the take that comes from discussions with the director on his or her vision for how things should look. Somebody with his level of experience can tastefully put the right amount of detail into a set and account for the various goals of shots within a film which are dictated by the amount, style and usage of the various cameras. From the outside looking in, this should appear as natural as looking out your window and that is the true magic in movies as it should be completely believable and not appear as though there is a camera nor elements that have been added to make it look like you are setting up a scene in the first place.

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