I believe the theme is: Stay true to who you are, while being kind to others.

My connection:

When I was little, I used to do little competitions with my friends and cousins to see who would ask the adult the question we all had but didn't want to ask. I sometimes still do this. This relates to the book because Crash did this when he was little, only it was whether or not he went to Penn's house for dinner. I can also relate to when Crash basically had to choose between staying true to himself, being kind, and the wrong group of friends, popularity. I chose the same thing Crash eventually chose, staying true to himself.

Evaluation Time!

I thought this book was really good and pretty interesting. I'm usually not a fan of books like this, but this one surprised me. I would recommend this book to a friend because it's not all about football and boy things it also has a sweet and loving part to it. This book shows the sweetest, kindest, and most loving part of a boy, and it also shows how mean and rude a boy can be.

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