Spanish Speaking Country Project

What type of money does Mexico use?

In Mexico they use money called a Mexican Peso. One peso in Mexico is worth 75 cents in the United States.

Major exports and imports for the country.

Some of the top exports for Mexico are Petroleum oil crude, Cars and Motor vehicles for transporting goods.

Some of the top imports are Petroleum oil refined, Parts for motor vehicles and parts for radios, Tv's and phones.

Three main cities in Mexico.

Three of the main cities in Mexico are Mexico City, Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico. The next largest city is Monterry.

Top tourist attraction in Mexico.

The top three tourist attractions in Mexico are The Teotihuacan a pre-columbian city in the basin in Mexico. Number two is the Chichen Itza a city that was built by the Maya people. Number three is Tulum another Maya city built along time ago.


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