Branding and Differentiation

Element of branding  1

Good quality product/service

Element of branding 2

Good customer service

Element of branding 3

Good priced products/services

Element of branding 4


Element of branding 5

Good advertising

Element of branding 6

Unique products/services

What is branding?

Branding is how you show/represent your brand, and how you want customers to see your brand.

What is differentiation?

How your brand differs to rivals

Benefits that branding and differentiation can bring...

More customers, better reputation

Problems that branding and differentiation can bring...

Your customers can change their mind and swap to another brands products

Is branding more important that the product/service quality, price or promotion?

I would say that they have equal effects, branding is building the name; quality, price and promotion come under the same title.


Tesco; a blind lady being told to get her guide dog out of the store; she used social media to contact the authorities and tell the world her story, she was written a formal apology and was given some perks for this event, however, the womans use of social media gave Tesco some bad advertisement instead of good.

the social media can cause as well as solve problems.

A book store locked a man in for hours by accident, he tweeted the authorities of the business, and was able to be rescued from the shop, this shows that the media was able to help him get out.