John scieszka

Author study by Ben Ervie


Jon Scieszka became a children s book author in Michigan,because "he liked to make children laugh."And so he just started to write

Summary Of Research

Jon Scieszka  was born in Flint Michigan,Jon's biggest challenge was getting ideas for what to write  and he suffered from...WRITERS BLOCK,Jon was inspired to write by he loved making children laugh and he wanted to inspire boys to read,He currently today writing newer books and writing and adding to the website "Guys Read."

Summary of synthesized information

Tone:All though Jon Scieszka loved to make kids laugh most of the tone in his books are dark and the pictures and dark and cruel looking.In the book The Frog Prince Continued all the pictures are dark.Also in The Frog Prince Continued he was said to live happy ever after but he hated living with the princess and he wanted to be a frog again.Soon the irony kicked in and the prince and the princess were turned to frogs and the finally lived happily ever after.

Theme:Have you ever heard the term "Oh the irony?"Well Jon Scieszka's books always has me catching me self saying that.Jon Scieszka write most his books based and the theme irony,for example the Frog Prince in the book it says he lived happily ever after but in the book The Frog Prince Continued it claims that he didn't live happily ever after.But to tell us the story on how he wants to turn back into a frog!So when I reached the end of that book once again I found myself saying "Oh the irony"


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