AP International Project 2016
Trip to Cuba

Our groups project is based on taking bikes to Cuba. This group found a contact in Port Colbourne which takes bikes to Cuba as well as fixes them and gives them to others to take down with them.

-according to the contact anywhere in Cuba is in need of bikes so we can fly wherever its cheapest, we couldn't find flights for 2016 but flights for the spring in 2015 are around 300$.

-because he fixes bikes and owns his own repair shop he could show us how to fix them as well as show us what tools we need

Emails- these are some of the emails between my group and the contact Aubrey.

Any area of the island is in need, suggest the smaller villages away from the resorts, enjoy your trip and Happy Holidays----Aubrey

Thomas, yes, I would be very interested in helping your school and students deliver bicycles to Cuba. I don’t identify any specific area or region in Cuba since the need is throughout the entire island. I always suggest to everyone if possible to take the bikes away from the main cities and resorts to any surrounding small rural villages.Looking forward to discussing in more detail what we need to make this happen, I’m also willing to meet with yourself and any of the students at your school to help put the logistics together.
Aubrey Foley

Overall this would be a very cheap trip, as it would only cost $1000 plus in country expenses. Also since its kind of open ended we would be able to attach a side project such as Maddy's de-worming idea.


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