Agents of Socialization:
Alexis McDaniel


My family has helped socialized me. My mom taught my sister and I how to pick up after ourselves, and be kind to one another. My parents also showed me how to act when we go on family vacations. I learned how to use my manners with elders. My family has taught me how to be trusting, accepting, and open with others. My parents have always encouraged me to work hard and do what I love. My baby sister that was born six months ago has taught me more patience than I've ever learned growing up, and love. My family is an important factor of the person I am today.


School has taught be how to be prompt. I've learned how to cooperate and work with others. The school dress code has helped me respect my body but also express myself as well. Rules in classrooms taught me to listen better. I learned how to walk respectfully down the hallway. In elementary schools when new students would join the class, i was always very nice and compassionate which has helped socialize me. School softball has showed me that it isn't only important to play for yourself and your team, but for the whole entire school.

Peer Groups

My peer groups have had a great impact on me. My peers on my softball team have taught me how to work together. They have taught me that we aren't only teammates but a family. I have learned how to work for what I want by competing with them. My friends outside of softball are very caring. They teach me new things every day. I have learned how to carry on meaningful conversations with others, and accept that everyone is different.

Mass Media

Mass media has helped socialize me all throughout my childhood, teen years, and even now as I am becoming a young adult. When I was little I loved watching shows like Bugs Bunny, Dora, and SpongeBob. These shows taught me how to problem solve and think about the bigger picture at such a young age. As I got older, I watched and listened to all of the shows/songs on Disney channel. These shows such as Hannah Montana, and That's so Raven taught me meaningful friendships, and how to care about more than yourself. The movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, taught me to always stick together and keep in touch no matter how far away you go from someone you care deeply about. Mass Media taught me several values and beliefs that I still use today.

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