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About 866-234-5771

Through its nationwide toll-free number, 866-234-5771, American Law Group responds to questions about its legal services for civil, criminal, and family law matters. Based in Temecula, California, American Law Group offers legal representation throughout the U.S. via its network of diligent attorneys.

American Law Group is committed to providing expeditious and effective legal services. Its attorneys are knowledgeable about various areas of the law. These highly trained professionals possess 10 or more years of practice experience.

The firm’s family law attorneys assist individuals who require representation in divorce, which often involves property settlements, as well as child custody and support issues. Additionally, these attorneys help clients resolve paternity issues.

Aside from family law, American Law Group attorneys handle other civil law cases, such as those related to immigration, which requires special knowledge of both domestic and international laws. Additionally, the firm represents malpractice cases in which a professional may have been negligent in his or her duties, thereby causing harm to a person. American Law Group attorneys also provide representation in the criminal cases.

Individuals with criminal law, family law, or other civil law issues can call 866-234-5771 for information about legal representation from American Law Group.

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