Tack #1
I portray myself to my family as a lazy loving respectful person. I think this because when I'm around my family I feel that I can be lazy and don't have to be all energetic.  I also can be very loving because when someone is sick in my family i always help them and I'm there for them. I'm also a respectful person to my parents I do what they ask me to do and I don't hesitate. When I'm around my friends I am a crash fun wired funny caring  person I'm always there for my friends and when they are sad I always put a smile on there face. When I am in public I am a respectful person and I always use my manors. Sometimes if someone needs help I will help them I am not disrespectful to anyone that is older then me I respect them.

My legacy is represented with my digital foot print because when I post things on Facebook I post caring pictures and I post things I have done that helps the environment or that helps animals and people find it sweet that I do things like that. Also when I post pictures on Instagram I post pictures that show my personality for example if I said I am caring I would post a picture showing that I am caring. I don't really post anything on vine but I revine things that are funny and caring for example I revined a mother dog saving her puppy from drowning in a pool.

Yes people see me the way I wish to be seen. I would like people to see me as a nice kind caring respectful girl. The legacy I am leaving at Allan drive is I have helped with the school plays with all the props and helped the art teacher clean up.

Well my alter ego is I wish I wasn't shy because I hate it when I have to go up in front of the class and speak. I also wish I wasn't afraid to go in planes because some of my friends say in the summer do you wanna come with me some when and I end up not going because I am scared of planes. I also wish I could do better in school like if I am taking a note I want to be fast with writing it instead of always end up messing up and forgetting something.

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