The sun will come out tomorrow!

I think the author in my book gives great descriptive writing.  For example, she says words "sassily" and "furious."  I think the author also includes great imagination, like when Annie goes to her movie premiere.  This is great imagination because the author describes everything in the room.  I liked the descriptive writing because I could picture things in my head.  This helps me know what is happening in the book.  Descriptive writing makes me want to read more!

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3 years ago

J--it sounds like she chooses lively, interesting words, too! I like it when authors "turn a good phrase," which means that they write something that makes you stop and think about how well they put their words together. What were some of the phrases she wrote about the theater that helped you to picture it in your mind? It's fine to write a few sentences to tell what happened in your book. I enjoyed what you wrote about her writing. Which character is your favorite so far and why? What do you think about Annie and Daddy Warbucks? Has she met him yet?