1979  December - Soviet Army invades and props up communist government.

1980  Babrak Kamal implaced ruler by the Sovirts, Mujahahideen groups fighting Soviet force.

1985  Mujahahideen ( support group of U.S, China, Pakistan, Iran, and Saudia Arabian troops) come together to form alliance against Soviet Alliance. Population of Afghanistan fleeing to Iran or Pakistan.

1988  Afghanistan and USSR, the U.S Pakistan sign peace agreement and slowly withdraws troops.

1989  Soviet troops gone, Mujahahideen tried to overthrow Njibuallah

1996  Taliban take over Afghanistan, impose harsh laws restricting woman's rights, and introduce Islamic punishments

1999  UN imposed an air embrago and financial sanction to force Afghanistan to had over Osama Bin Laden for trial.

2001  Ahmad shah Masaad, main leader of the Taliban is assassinated.

2001 US led boming of Afghanistan following 911 Anti-Taliban Northern Alliance force enter Kabul.

2002  Development of first foreign peacekeepers former king Zahir Shah returns no claim to throne dies in 2007. Hamid Karzai elected head of state.

2005  First time Afghanistan's vote in election.

2008  U.S president(George W. Bush) send 4,500 U.S troops to Afghanistan known as the "quite surge"

2012   Taliban move towards open office peace talks

2012  NATO announce withdrawal by 2014

2013  Afghan army takes military command

2014 the us and Britain end their combat operations in Afghanistan.

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