Capulet's (Romeo) and Montague (Juliet)

Romeo had a crush on Rosaline & he was trying to get her attention but she doesn't have intersent in him. Benvolio (Romeo's cousin) & Mercurio (Romeo's Bestfriend) trying to help him forget about Rosaline & move on. Juliet a 13 year old girl who raise by the Montague's, her father & mother wants her to married Paris but suddenly she met Romeo at the Capulet party. Romeo & Juliet meet at the secretly & pledge to marry each other. One day Romeo, Benvolio, & Mercurio was having a good time then Tybalt (Juliet's cousin) & his people came to them & confront them. Mercurio insult Tybalt & wants a duel with him, Tybalt accept his duel after the duel he kills Mercurio & flee away. Romeo rages & chase down Tybalt so he can get his revenge for killing his bestfriend, after Romeo kill Tybalt he was banishment from Verona and the increasingly tragic turn of events that follows. After Romeo was banishment Juliet was trying to kill herself because she don't wants to married Paris but Friar Laurence suggest that she should sacrifice herself & let Romeo know about it but the letter didn't reach him because the people of Mantua suspect the messenger came from a house where the plague reigns, and the Friar is unable to arrive at the Capulet's monument in time. When Romeo saw Juliet's body he drinks the poison what Friar Laurence gave Juliet, after he finish drinking the poison she wakes up & saw him die on the ground, she grabs Romeo's dagger & stabs herself. After both of them die Friar Laurence told Romeo & Juliet's parents what happen to them & Prince Escalus order them to make peace with each other.

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