Arabian Penninsula

By:Ciera Scott

This picture is of a desert. As you can see there are pyrimads in the back ground and a man on camel.


4 characteristics of a desert are hot, dry, dusty, and little rainfall. Some of the ways people survived in an desert enviroment were they had camels to carry their things for long distances, and clothed themself in loose fitting long gowns  and head dresses.

This picture is showing an Oases.


3 characteristics of a Oases are fertile land, plant life/fresh water, particularly grass and shrubs, and Oases varied in sizes.People lived in Oases by using the water they had to grow crops and they used palm wood to make houses, fibers for rope, and used it to make fire. After Arabians were done making some of these things they would trade with other cities.

This is a picture of what Coasyal Plains look like

The Coastal Plains

The Coastal Plains are very damp, have dry river beads, and has series of rocky cliffs. People who lived in the Coastal Plains lived by trading by sea. They also farmed  things such as fruit, vegetables, and frankincense and myrrh.  

This is a picture of the mountains


While living in the mountains you would experience things such as different climates, moist winds, rainy, and mountains that rise up to 1,000-12,000 ft. People who lived in the mountains survived by living in houses mad of brick, they farmed, and made terrace by building low stone walls around narrow strips of land for farming.

Fun Facts

*Arabia was briefly unified after the founding of Islam by Muhammad, the prophet of Mecca.

*  Arabia has many different climates depending on the time of year.

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