The only pot you should be looking for is the one at the end of the rainbow!

By: Sarah Richardson

The truth about drug use...

Drugs are "a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body." These physiological effects are dangerous and can cause have chronic as well as permanent damage to your body and health and life style.

The consequences of using various drugs or even a single drug can include:

  • anxiety or panic
  • seizures or headaches or stomach cramps
  • aggression or paranoia or violent behavior
  • loss of brain function and sense of judgement
  • irregular breathing and skin color change
  • possible brain damage or even death
  • loss of appetite or nausea or bizarre behavior
  • possibility of lung cancer or liver cancer

Different types of drugs can include:

  • depressants [Alcohol ("booze", "grog") Cannabis ("pot", "dope", "mull")]
  • Stimulants [Ephedrine (used in medicines for bronchitis, hay fever and asthma
  • Caffeine in coffee, tea and cola drinks
  • Nicotine in tobacco.

The advantages of not using drugs include:

  • healthy relationships
  • a higher interest to pursue goals and dreams
  • higher safety percentage from drug or alcohol related accident or injuries
  • good family life and friend associations
  • you will have good careers and better job oppurtunities

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