The gardener by S. A. Bodeen

Alex Gonzalez

i thought it was going to be about human plants are going to eat regular people

evolution is like when you grow up

autotroph is

why dont the other kids wake up when the girl does? because every kid has a book to wake up and a book to sleep

is mason dad a plant? no he is not but he takes karre of plant people

trodyn is trying to change the future and to not wast allot of money in war and the hunger in the future

it is not right to do experiments in human because they could kill people or it could go wrong like with the girl if she separates from the other she could dye climate change or global warming it is like the ran and storms and the global warming is when is  very hot or cold that could affect plants

food crisis is that we are runing out of food and allot of peoples are starving and some peoples are dying of hunger  

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