Leaders of Color Roundtable

A safe space for meaningful dialogue among professionals

"Any leader too busy to reflect is too busy to grow."*

The Leaders of Color Roundtable offers a space outside your particular organization where meaningful and reflective conversations on leadership, identity and education can take place.  Each session presents opportunities to encourage and be encouraged, to listen closely and also to be fully heard, wherever you may be on your professional journey in education.

Each monthly session has a guiding question accompanied by one or two short readings which are sent in advance. During our 90 minute session, we will have a quick check-in with each member, then proceed to a conversation on our topic of focus which will include responses to the reading and sharing of individual reflections and experience.

Participant groups have a maximum of 5 members to insure adequate time for equitable exchange. Meetings can be scheduled on weekday afternoons or evenings depending on the needs and desires of participants and  take place online once per month from October 2015 through June 2016. A subscription fee of $60 secures your membership for all sessions.

Please share this information with colleagues of color in your school communities. I look forward to your response and welcome your feedback.

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Sherri Spelic

Leadership Coach and Educator

Sherri Spelic Coaching                                                                                             

Vienna, Austria  

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*Carolyn McKanders, Co-Director of Thinking Collaborative